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Carpet Cleaning - do's and don'ts when choosing who to hire

Are you looking for a professional carpet cleaning service and not sure where to start? or maybe you are considering hiring a machine and completing the work yourself. Here we give you a brief overview on how to decide:

First things first you need to establish what state your carpet is in from a pile and stain perspective. For example old stains and poor pile will not always give you the results that you see in the pictures. That said, the majority of carpets can be cleaned to a high standard with the correct tools and chemicals.

So if you are looking at having a carpet cleaned you have three options:

Hire a machine from the supermarket

This on the surface seems a good idea, the prices are relatively cheap. Please bear in mind you will need to purchase the shampoo and stain removal chemicals separately. These machines can deliver good results if your carpets are regularly cleaned or have a good pile to them. The types of machine you can hire from the supermarket work with a jet of detergent combined with a spinning brush.

Buy a carpet cleaning machine

You can buy carpet cleaning machines that look similar to an upright vacuum cleaners from large stores, these are ideal if you have recently had new carpets fitted or naturally clean your carpets regularly.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning service

This is seemingly the easiest option as someone will come to your home or workplace and clean the carpets for you using the correct chemicals and industrial standard machinery it saves a lot of hassle in the long run. Be mindful of who you hire:

  • Always ask what type of machine is going to be used, you don't have to be an expert but it needs to be an industrial standard machine these cannot be purchased in DIY stores and require training and knowledge of carpet cleaning to operate! Unfortunately there are a few people out there that will turn up with a shop purchased machine or hired machine to clean your carpets - Steer clear! You will not get the results of a professional service.

  • Staining - be honest about stains if you know what they are and their approximate age you can be informed beforehand if carpets will clean up or not.

  • Insurance - check that adequate insurance is in place, if your chosen business causes damage to your carpets (which is possible) you need to have at least have the peace of mind that you are covered.

Carpets have warped/bent/curled up after cleaning - DO NOT PANIC! some carpets will lift when being cleaned this is due to moisture in the carpet causing them to stretch, once dry everything will go back to normal (usually 24 - 48 hours later)

There you have it.... If you would like to go with option three contact us today for a free quote to clean your office carpets or carpets at home

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