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End of tenancy cleaning - why outsource?

The thought that enters most peoples minds is why outsource your end of tenancy cleaning requirements to a company and not do it yourself? There are many answers to this question which we will answer in this post:

One Less Stress

The reason the public would look to outsource their cleaning requirements to a company instead of doing it themselves is quite simply a time and effort issue, you have to arrange to pay final bills, move all of your stuff out of the property, move it into another and unpack again - to go back and clean your old property again can be a nightmare.

Securing your deposit

Ultimately everything when moving out revolves around securing that precious deposit back that you worked so hard to save up. Estate agents can be particularly picky about how a property should look when you hand back the keys - something a professional company has dealt with a thousand times over.

Hate Cleaning!

The best one yet - you simply hate cleaning and would rather have a company come and do it for you!


You will most certainly need more than a bottle of Fairy liquid to get the results your estate agent will require on an end of tenancy clean, your oven will almost definitely need cleaning with a highly acidic cleaning product and potentially carpets too!


The big question - how much does it cost? End of tenancy cleaning is very bespoke to your property and requirements based on a one bedroom flat within Northamptonshire including oven and carpet cleaning, the price would be around £135.00 - a snippet of your deposit.

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