Clean Smart Solutions can help with all aspects of your pub and nightclub cleaning. Cleanliness is important and with a competitive industry its paramount that your premises look nothing short of excellent at all times. 

Pub & Nightclub Cleaning

Whether its a clean thats required after a shop has been refurbished or regular cleaning Clean Smart Solutions can help. Keeping your shop look presentable is important for customers and your stock. We understand your industry and when your stock is dropped onto a dirty floor it cant be simply hung back up.

Shop & Retail Cleaning

Restaurants are under extreme scrutiny when it comes to cleanliness, one negative review online can lose you a serious amount of business, why not get the professionals to come and take care of things for you? after all you have enough to think about running your business without the cleaning getting in the way.

Restaurant Cleaning

Keeping your gym or leisure clean and hygienic is paramount to your business, removal of bodily fluids and correct sanitation prevents the spread of bugs and germs that could cause your members to become poorly. We supply the labour, chemicals and know how to do the job correctly. 

Gym & Leisure Centre Cleaning

The common problems are educational clients face are: managing absences and ensuring that the premises are clean to a high standard every day, Clean Smart Solutions can remove both of these issues from you. All of our staff are DBS checked as standard and we manage all sickness and holidays in house.

School & Nursery Cleaning

We complete cleans for a whole range of different clients and understand the need to keep your workplace clean and fresh. Your clients want to see that their products are looked after and cleanliness is a huge factor, as well as clients your staff will appreciate a clean, safe workplace too.

Factory & Warehouse Cleaning

Vehicle Showrooms are there to show off your sales fleet and everything needs to be looking its best, this doesn't just end at your stock presentation.

Cleanliness of your facilities are paramount in improving your customers experience.

Car Showroom

Medical premises require a different type of cleaning requirements to other businesses. We are certain we have the required package to suit your needs and ensure we deliver on 100% of our promises.

Medical Surgery Cleaning

Need a little help from the professionals?

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Are your current Commercial Cleaners under performing? Not getting the service you were promised? Clean Smart Solutions can help you:

Commercial Cleaners Kettering

Clean Smart Solutions offer complete commercial and office cleaning services for businesses in Corby, Kettering, Northampton, Wellingborough, Bedford, Peterborough, Northamptonshire and all surrounding villages and towns. 

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